Q : What does MyLinE stand for?
A : MyLinE stands for Online Resources for Learning in English. It is an English learning site customised for all students of public institutes of higher learning in Malaysia.

Q : What are the services offered in MyLinE?
A : MyLinE offers :-
     · Resources
     · Exercises
     · Interactive Practice Platforms
     · Competition

Q : How do I register to use MyLinE?
A : All full-time students of public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia are registered with MyLinE. You need to check your registration status with your respective MyLinE representative from your university, or you can fill in the eHelp Desk Form.

Q : How do I log in into MyLinE?
A : Username:
     University acronym+Matric umber
     (e.g.: UXM12345)

     Matric number (e.g.: 12345) or
     Passport number  (e.g.: G012345) or
     IC number (e.g.: 801010012323)

Q : If I forgot my password, what should I do?
A : To retrieve your password, you need to fill up the eHelp Desk Form which can be found on the main page. We will send your default password to your email within three (3) working days. You can change your password once you logged in.


Q : What is the optimal resolution to view MyLinE?
A : MyLinE is best viewed using 1024 x 768 resolution in Mozilla Firefox.

Q : What are the rules and regulations of National Online Quiz?
A : You can refer to Competition page for further information.

Q : Can I take part in any of the competition?
A : Yes. All full-time students of public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia who are registered with MyLinE can take part in the competitions held in MyLinE.

Q : What does World of Challenges offer?
A : World of Challenges offers :-
     · Test and Rank
     · Dare2Learn
     · Quick & Easy

Q : Can I participate in the Lounge?
A : Yes. As long as you are registered with MyLinE, you are free to post your opinions and views in English according to the guidelines (Link to Lounge > Student Forum) given.

Q : Is there any other competitions that I can participate besides National Online Quiz?
A : Yes. MyLinE also organises other competitions such as Post the Most, Short Competitions and Ready4Work. Announcement about these competitions will be made on the main page of MyLinE. Do look out for updates!