• Promote the use of MyLinE among your students.
    Introduce MyLinE to students especially those who have problems in using English.
    *Download MyLinE PowerPoint.

  • Encourage students to post messages and comment other postings.
    e.g. :              
    Use “Correct My English” discussion room within “Lounge” for students to post their text in English. Other students will comment on the use of language (e.g. choice of word, grammar, etc).

  • Post messages and comment students’ postings.
    Use the discussion rooms in Lounge to post messages and to comment messages posted by students.

  • Integrate the use of MyLinE with language lessons.
    Use “Read and Respond” discussion room within “Lounge” to post a newspaper cutting, for instance, to be discussed by students or use any suitable discussion rooms such as Student Forum, Students Guiding Students and Special Interest Groups for students to reflect and discuss subject matter taught in class.

  • Use materials in Learning Resources as supplementary materials for language lessons.
    This is another way of linking language lessons to MyLinE. For instance, you can ask students to read notes related to grammar (Parts of Speech), try the exercises available, and discuss the exercises in class. 

  • Develop learning resources to be placed on your university ELSP site.
    e.g. Write tips on delivering an effective public speech and give the file to MyLinE representatives of your university to be uploaded onto the ELSP site.

  • Assist MyLinE representatives of your university to develop your university ELSP site.  
    Continuously provide learning resources (notes, quizzes, videos, links, etc), comments and suggestions to MyLinE representatives to develop the site.