To register your students on MyLinE, kindly send us their details according to the following format:

  • Use simple text processing software such as Notepad or Wordpad (save as .txt file) instead of Microsoft Word (.doc).
  • Send the following data:
    • ic_no
    • matric_no
    • fullname (CAPITAL LETTERS)
    • email
    • academic programme (acronym)
      (Use the short name. For example, BSc Sains Pendidikan - SSP)
    • faculty (acronym)
    • university (acronym)

If you want to track your students' marks, the course code and section number of the students' English course should be provided. For example UHB 1412(course code) Section 07 can be written as UHB1412_07.

  • Arrange the data in the following order:

ic_no, matric_no, fullname, email, academic programme, faculty, university, English course code & section number (separate each data with a comma without any space)

For example:

891030135020,AP12345667,HAZIMAH BINTI HADI,,SPL,FBBS,UXM,UHB1412_07

  • Make sure each line of the text file corresponds to a different user record.
  • Email the data to us at in attachment format.