Lounge is a 'cyber meeting place' for students and teachers from different fields of study to meet and exchange views in English on a wide range of topics and issues. Lounge is divided into several categories where students are free to create topics under each of the categories.

The following is the list of categories housed under Lounge:

This is a platform where students can pool their knowledge and experience as college/university students to help other students survive and do well in their studies. Students can provide useful information on areas ranging from general topics such as how to survive in the university to more specific ones such as how to deliver a good oral presentation.

Students Guiding Students

This is a site for participants with the same interest to get together to share or explore knowledge or simply to share the sheer joy and passion of what interests them. Interest areas could a particular hobby, a particular subject area, a concern for a social issue or any general topic.

Special Interest Groups

This is a corner for sharing creative works written in English: poems, song lyrics, short stories, novels, etc.  Students may submit their original work or share interesting works by others. Students may also rate and comment on all posted works.

Creative Corner

This is a site for movie lovers to express their views and comments on the latest movie they have just viewed or a movie which has made an impact in their life.

Movie Review

This is a site for those who have a passion for books. Students are given the opportunity to share their ideas and make comments on a book they have recently read or a book which has made an impact in their life.

Book Review

This is a place for students to practise using English. They can communicate information, share interest, express opinions, connect with peers, or help each other out.

Student Forum

This is a platform for all students to help one another learn together. Anyone could post a short text he or she has written and any other user could help correct the text.

Correct My English

This platform gives students the opportunity to respond to and share their views on an issue they have read in books, magazines, the newspapers, the Internet, etc.

Read & Respond