This site contains a collection of Test and Rank quizzes, Dare2Learn quizzes, and Quick & Easy quizzes related to general language use and also to the specific input given in the resources to test users' mastery of the English language.

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The Test and Rank section houses a collection of online English quizzes where students are allowed to make as many attempts as they like to improve their scores. At the end of each test, users will be awarded a score and also a statement showing how their scores rank against those of other users.

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Student View of Test and Rank Results


This section contains online English quizzes to test users' mastery of the English language. As a form of self assessment, feedback is given after the quizzes are completed.

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Sample Online Quiz with Feedback


These 10 question quizzes provide self-explanatory feedback after the quizzes are completed for users to improve their level of English proficiency without facilitation. Links to related resources are also given for ease of navigation. For some of the quizzes, the users can also send message to any language instructors in MyLinE for language support.

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MyLinE Interactive and Self-explanatory Activities

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'Send a Message to Teacher' Function