MyLinE MUET is the first online repository of comprehensive preparatory resources to provide practice for all four skills as tested in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

MUET Listening       MUET Speaking

MUET Reading       MUET Writing

It aims to support MUET candidates:
  • first time test takers who need MUET scores for entering universities
  • candidates who are already enrolled in university programmes but need to improve their standing for MUET band exit score
  • purposeful test takers who need MUET test scores for career advancement

It offers

  • user independence and autonomy to students in deciding which skill and activity to focus on, how much time to spend, and which direction to take.
  • resources that are developed based on current issues covering diverse topics that are of interest to students. These materials undergo stringent vetting based on the advice and suggestions given by two MUET experts in Listening, Writing and Reading to meet the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) standards.
  • practice tests with multiple attempts and immediate results given. The practice tests are set to allow results to be automatically calculated and instantly communicated, and feedback to be immediately displayed. The tests can be attempted multiple times to improve test scores.
  • practice in answering questions with time constraints and format based on real exam mode. E.g. listening to audiotaped scripts coupled with practice tests as in real examination mode helps students to improve their listening skills, familiarise themselves with MUET and improve their examination technique (estimating the amount of time they can afford to spend on each question, determining the question types which they may need additional practice, etc).
  • a platform for generating new ideas and building on the ideas of others. The online forum is used to practice brainstorming ideas, addressing the speaking and writing needs and preparing students for the essay writing as well as group discussion in the real MUET.